How Trump pressed for justice


Public hearings on the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol continued on Thursday, June 23rd. During this fifth session, the Special Committee on the House of Representatives underscored the continued efforts of Donald Trump and his entourage for the Ministry of Justice to help validate the results of the 2020 presidential election.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

Again, the Commission selected Republican witnesses. Judicial officers, all appointed by Donald Trump. After the resignation of Minister William Barr for not supporting the massive fraud allegations leveled by the President and his entourage, Jeffrey Rosen took charge of the interim.

And he says. Every day between his inauguration and January 3, except Christmas Day, he recounts how he was in touch with the president, who has called for allegations of fraud to be verified through investigations and criminal cases. Or it could have turned the Trump vote into a Biden vote to explore incredible conspiracy theories like this Italian satellite. ” Tell me this is illegal, and let the Republican Congress and I do the rest “According to another witness, Donald Trump also said.

But every day, several times a day, Jeffrey Rosen and his collaborators refused. Until the president threatened to head Jeffrey Clark, a lawyer who specializes in the environment and who was willing to do whatever he was asked to do. All ministry officials threatened to resign a constituency without holding their administration accountable. According to Jeffrey Clark, his home was searched Thursday by the services of the ministry he thought he was leading.

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