How to install the Android 12 beta on your smartphone

You can now install the Android 12 Beta on your smartphone to take advantage of the new features of the future release of Google’s mobile operating system. Here’s how to do it.

Android 12 watch when there are no notifications.  // Source: Frandroid

Android 12 watch when there are no notifications. // Source: Frandroid

Android 12 beta 1 available, And the There are a lot of new things to report. To install the update, you’ll first need to verify that you have it One of 21 compatible smartphonesThen follow the steps we’ll describe in this tutorial.

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What to know before installing Android 12 beta

Before we proceed, know that there are precautions that must be taken before installing the Android 12 beta on your smartphone. This process is fairly simple, but not without its risks. On the one hand, you should expect to encounter various launch errors before deploying the stable version. After all, this is the principle of the experimental phase: detecting a defect.

On the other hand, there is a risk that the update will disable your device. Understand: You simply won’t be able to use your smartphone anymore. OnePlus has also suspended its beta software for this reason. So think carefully to do it Back up all your data Before trying the Android 12 beta.

You have been warned.

How to install Android 12 beta

If you haven’t already, log in to your Google account on your internet browser, then go to The custom page To Android 12 beta program.

Join the Android 12 beta

There, you will see all the manufacturers who have been affected by the beta version of Android 12. Click “Get the Beta” under the sign that interests you.

Source: Frandroid

Source: Frandroid

You will be taken to a page that introduces you to the trial program.

Android 12 beta program

Android 12 beta // Source: Frandroid

At the bottom of this page, a tab titled “Your Eligible Devices” will display your smartphone reference, if it is compatible.

Screenshot // Source: Frandroid

Screenshot // Source: Frandroid

All you have to do is click “Activate”. There you are required to accept the terms of use and be included in the beta program. The update will be presented to you on your phone immediately as if it were a classic system patch.

For info, the update weighs 1.88GB and you’ll be prompted to either plug in your phone or deactivate the power saving mode.

How do you get out of the beta version of Android 12?

As Google specifies, once the update is installed, it’s hard to go back without consequences. Of course, you just have to return to the beta program’s dedicated site to leave it with a few clicks to get back to a stable experience.

However, “If you installed a beta version, you will no longer be able to downgrade to a generic Android version without first erasing all data stored on the device. You may have difficulty restoring a backup. “

Once again, you have been warned.

Android 12 is already available on some smartphones in beta. List of new features and compatible smartphones … Find everything you need to know about this new version of Google’s operating system.
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