How to finance your studies in the UK after Brexit?

Higher education in the UK continues to be the envy of the post-Brexit. Beyond the new procedures, the cost of training across the Channel is above all a headache for international students. How to finance your studies in Her Majesty’s country post-Brexit?

Living and studying in the UK is a huge challenge for French students, especially in London, who have to face the dizzying costs. The cost of higher education can easily vary from £10,000 to £40,000, depending on the level and subject chosen, including the cost of rent and the cost of living in the UK. So it is better to think twice before embarking on this complicated adventure, but not insurmountable. There are solutions to finance its British studies in France and the United Kingdom.

Work alongside your studies in the UK

If this suggestion seems obvious, it will not be so easy to implement after Brexit application. A student visa allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week in parallel with their university studies, but this does not apply to those with less than 6 months of training, who do not need to obtain a visa and therefore do not have the right to work. with your studies.

Financial assistance from British universities

Some universities offer scholarships to European students, although most of them cannot benefit. Therefore, it is important to go directly to the sites of institutions such as Liverpool Hope University, Canterbury Christchurch University, Sheffield Wallah University, University of Portsmouth or Royal Holloway, University of London to decide. This is only an incomplete list and it is necessary to underline the will of governmentsScotland And Wales Establish financial aid programs for all international students.

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The British Council can also be of great help in finding scholarships. It is developed on its website a Scholarship Search Tool It lists all the options available to a student based on their eligibility.

French students in London, England, where he seeks to finance their studies

French aid to study in the UK

If nothing fits, why not turn to France for a little help? The British Council’s Parisian affiliate has scholarships for French students looking to adventure across the Channel: The Accord Cordial Scholarship.

One can also resort to similar systems Kenza Foundation, offers up to €10,000 per year to students who have chosen art history or fine arts. On the side of the foundation is the Georges Pesse Foundation or Career Foundation, which is aimed at students in the field of engineering.

Depending on the department or region of residence of the student in France, there may be mobility grants at the local level of two local authorities or even at the national level.

Student loans as a last resort

If none of the options given above are possible, there is an option to take out a student loan. This may not be very favorable, but it will allow no student to be deterred in their ambition to study on the other side of the Channel.

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