How to explain the hurricane recorded in the United States?

The thunderstorm and hurricane season officially begins in February each year. May peak in May and end in June. In the United States, hurricanes often hit the central and large plains. An area of ​​tornadoes that stretches from Texas to North Dakota. What is so special about this region? Air mass collisions between the last flows of cold air from the pole and the rising hot air from Mexico are the most important this season.

This is the result of very severe storm surges by creating supercells that are favorable to hurricanes. The air pressure causes the air to circulate as it circulates. As it moves forward, it will bring hot, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. In the rear, cool air descends from the Great Plains, sometimes causing a temperature variation of 15 to 20 C. The number of hurricanes in the United States is not always the same. But by the beginning of spring 2022, we are already recording a record number!

The formation of a hurricane

Record number of hurricanes

Usually, at the end of April, an average of 380 hurricanes are reported. Gold, By 2022, 566 hurricanes have already been observed To date. So hurricane 186 is higher than normal, a significant number. Each year, a peak is recorded in March, with an average of about 80 hurricanes since records began in 1950. But with 293 hurricanes confirmed this month, the United States has set a new record.It is higher than March 2017 with 192 hurricanes and mostly low intensity events (classified as EF0 to EF1).

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However, each year, hurricane “eruptions” can occur, more precisely episodes of a powerful storm surge creating multiple hurricanes in one or more states. The most significant event of this year was the March 5 eruption of Hurricane EF4 in Iowa. The wind was blowing at speeds of 267 to 322 kmph, traveling more than 100 kmph and killing six people. In addition, more than 100 hurricanes were reported in the United States during the March 21 and 22, 2022 eruptions. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were particularly affected. During this episode, a violent hurricane with the intensity of EF3 hit the metropolitan area of ​​New Orleans, passing through densely populated neighborhoods.

Finally, 209 hurricanes were reported in April, 136 more than last year. Figures for May should be announced soon by the NOAA to confirm the upward trend.

The La Nina event can probably be blamed

Temperatures higher than normal in the Gulf of Mexico played in favor of such a violent start to the season. A frequent occurrence in the months following La Nina. And, cAs this study suggestsThis climatic phenomenon further alters the southward rotating jet stream and promotes polar wind barrier, hence air mass collisions.

Its condition also explains the coldest winter in New York, a part of the country affected by significant snowfall in Washington. The formation of powerful thunderstorms and hence hurricanes.

What is the impact of climate change on this hurricane?

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), climate change has in no way been responsible for the recent increase in hurricanes in the United States. ” Looking at the data we have over the last sixty years, the number of hurricanes is clearly increasing. But this is not a real increase. The increase is due to better technology and better information available to the public. Then we find more hurricanes. Says Grady Dixon, professor of meteorology and climate at the University of Mississippi.

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An invention confirmed by Storm Forecast Center The survey indicates that the tools are more efficient than before and better identify the hurricane, and confirm residents’ observations. Finally, due to their complexity, it is even more difficult for meteorologists to be backward enough to make a connection with climate change. One of the consequences of that is only to see their season arrive earlier in the US.

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