How to disable auto-downloading of images and prevent them from appearing in your gallery?

Do WhatsApp images, stickers, GIFs and videos take up space in your smartphone gallery? Here’s how to disable it all.

WhatsApp is the fastest way to Share photos and videos. Being an instant messaging app, it automatically downloads received photos, videos, stickers and GIFs to store in your smartphone gallery. Overnight, your gallery can become full of photos and videos from various WhatsApp chats. If something is bothering you, keep calm. WhatsApp allows you to disable them from the settings. Heres how to do it.

How to stop auto download on WhatsApp?

To allow for a smooth and instant conversation, by default WhatsApp activates the Automatic download of all received files (Images, GIFs, Videos, and Stickers). But you can disable it. Once done, you must first click on the download icon before you can view the file.

on your Android phone

To disable this option on your Android phone:

  • Opens The WhatsApp ;
  • click on the points located vertically;
  • Click on Settings ;
  • Select the Data and storage usage option;
  • In the department Auto download. MediaClick on Mobile data usageAnd in a Wi-Fi connectionRoaming will uncheck all boxes.
Media vision

Once this is done, you have just disabled the automatic download of all files that you receive on WhatsApp. You will only see files in your gallery that you have uploaded yourself.

on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • open WhatsApp;
  • entrance settings ;
  • He chooses Storage and data ;
  • Click on each media type and select never.

And so the role is played!

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How do you prevent media from appearing directly in your gallery?

By default, the media you download on WhatsApp appears directly in your phone’s gallery. For a while now, WhatsApp has allowed this to be disabled separately, so you can let it download automatically, but prevent media from showing up directly in your gallery.

Here’s how to disable this setting.

on your Android phone

  • meet at Settings your WhatsApp application;
  • Click on discussions ;
  • Champions Media vision.
Media vision

on iPhone

  • Open your application and enter settings ;
  • Click on discussion ;
  • Champions Save to Camera Roll.

So when you download the media, it appears in WhatsApp, but not in the phone gallery.

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