How to backup and restore Samsung phone data?

You may have lost your data before. This happens to anyone who loses files, photos, videos, audio, contacts, etc. You should backup your files if you lose your device. At least you should have the backup to restore to your new device. In order to backup and restore data from Samsung phone, we need software which is Samsung Kies. It is an Android software that allows Samsung Galaxy devices to manage files and folders as well as backup and restore Samsung phone data.

Backup & Restore Samsung Phone Data with Kies

Kies is made by Samsung which supports Android devices. It is not only used to backup and restore files, but you can also import and export video, audio, image and many more. If you really want to save your data in order to save it on your computer, follow the instructions below.


How to backup Android data?

level 1. Download Samsung Kies From the Samsung website and then install it on your computer. Connect the device to your computer via the charger.

Connect the device to the computer

The second step. Once the device is connected to your computer, click data recovery The button is at the top right of the screen.

Backup Android data

Backup Android data

Step 3. When you press the Backup or Restore button, select the photos, videos, contacts, apps, and items you want to backup. If you are satisfied with what you selected, simply click the Save button. Be relaxed and patient until this is over.

Back up files

Back up files

How to recover Android data?

When you back up the data, it will be saved by default in C:\Users\WikiGain\Documents\samsung\Kies3\backup. Now click on the second option. data recovery Select the backup folder on your computer. Once this process is done, click Restores The button is at the top right of Kies.

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery

Now wait a few minutes, it will complete. The speed of recovery depends on your data storage. However, the data will be more than that it will take a long time. So be patient and wait a bit.

Data recovery completed

Data recovery completed

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