How the Talent Game hopes to repeat the success of the mysterious singer

The game of talent Fox’s launch last week was a milestone in the look he’s hoping to follow in his footsteps The mysterious singer. Like its Korean counterpart, the entertainment show hails from a country not completely known to be a massive source of formats (Spain) etc. The mysterious singerDistributor Fremantle hopes the success on Fox will propel the show into an elite lineup of songs from around the world.

The man tasked with making this happen is Rob Clark, Fremantle’s global director of entertainment, who helped direct The game of talent From a Spanish pilot over two years ago, to Fox’s bright lights Wednesday night. Clark’s career was in the entertainment business, having worked on successful series including Wheel of Fortune And the Blind date, To build a global heavyweight of shows, incl I have a talent And the the Apprentice.

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Clark said he was shocked from the start The game of talent The ambition to combine a show of games with a competition for talent, in a form in which the contestants try to guess the hidden talents of the performers, based on their first impressions and some insidious evidence. “Our catalog is full of games and talent shows. If the door was closed, it had it The game of talent. It contains the DNA of a variety of shows and games. “

The program, created by Algerino Marroncelli and Mario Briongos, was launched on the Spanish channel Quattro and, according to Clark, was “an instant success”. Nova, 9, was competing in BMX, but it turned out to be the brightest heavy metal singer. It’s a moment that captures the magic of the show, when expectations are piled up with a performance that makes you smile.

Other releases are expected to be launched in the Netherlands (RTL4) and the UK this year. ITV will broadcast the format in the UK, with the former Family fortunes Host Vernon Kay. It is another echo of the The mysterious singerWhich also broadcasts in Britain on ITV and has attracted up to 8.6 million viewers. These deals, of course, were supported by Fox’s interest – and the network made the show a success after that The mysterious singer.

Presented by the previous one The mysterious singer Winner Wayne Brady, the US version was drastically curtailed by the two-hour Spanish show, but the core of the format remained the same. There is also a cash prize of $ 200,000 online. The game of talent It premiered last week with a strong, if not amazing, audience of 3.1 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. She helped Fox beat NBC with the demo, but squandered a lot of it The mysterious singer General.

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Speaking to my colleague Peter White last week, Brady explained why he liked the format: “We saw American talentAnd the American Idol, And the the sound. We’ve seen all the different iterations in the sunshine, but to be able to put the talents into the game it would be a game changer, forgive the pun. ”

This development also plays a role in the guesswork frenzy of the TV games, which originated from MBC The mysterious singer It works well, but we are also seeing other formats spread all over the world, like I can see your voiceHe is also from Korea. Fox launched and renewed the CJ ENM format, with host Ken Jeong, while British producers Fremantle, The Times and Nikkid edited the show for the BBC.

Clark said that guessing games have been around since the 1950s. What is a serial? And the Tell the truthBut he made clear that there were good reasons why they were hugely popular with viewers during that particular time.

“It’s a cycle, and it’s very easy to see why. If you look at the entertainment and family show ratings, it’s over the last year. That’s really because people should sit and watch TV together as a family.”

“For traditional broadcasters at these prime-time openings, they’re really looking for shows that attract a large audience … You don’t need any prior knowledge to get a good response. The kids might not be either. That’s okay, or they could be better than their parents.” When you are so young and you get something good that your parents lack, that’s a big victory. ”

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The game of talent It continues on Fox tonight at 9 PM ET.

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