How Paris deals with gender inequality in the public space

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Proceeding from the observation that “the city is not neutral”, Paris wishes to correct gender inequality in public space, like other cities in France, an approach that encounters resistance.

At Parc de la Villette, in Paris, men, sometimes shirtless, perform push-ups and pull-ups at outdoor weight training facilities. Out of every ten people, “two women in total,” notes Corinne Luxemburg, a teacher and researcher at the Paris La Villette School of Architecture who specializes in gender issues in the city, are faced with this “distinguished” development. Gender inequality in the public space. “We didn’t think women would be rejected from this space,” she denounced. If 90% of boys use sports equipment, this is not well studied.” The imbalance between men and women in public space, diagnosed in the 2000s in Vienna, Berlin or Barcelona, ​​has sparked the interest of major cities The French, eager to adopt a more egalitarian approach to the city.To promote diversity, Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes and Lyon have expressed their desire to adopt “gender-sensitive” budgets, the better…

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