How much do athletes who win medals earn?

Did you know? Athletes who return home with a medal from the Tokyo Olympics receive a reward. This year, the coin has been revalued to offer better compensation for those who allow France to excel in the world of sport.

As every year, gold, silver or bronze medals will be rewarded with a reward from the government. Education and Sports Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer announced the decision to reevaluate rewards for future medal winners at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games on April 14, 100 days before they kick off.

Thus, the athletes who win a gold medal receive 65,000 euros. This reward is €25,000 for Silver and finally €15,000 for Bronze. Deputy Sports Minister Roxana Maracinino said this reassessment decision follows the income tax applicable to bonuses. “We want to show them interest, It says in France Inter. Having a gold medal or being on the podium is also what makes it possible to change the rankings of countries. “

Prizes awarded by France to athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

In France, medal-winning athletes will receive a direct reward from the state that rewards them for their outstanding performance during the Tokyo Olympics. It is an added incentive for the athletes and a way for the government to support them in their sport.

Below you will find a table that gives you an idea of ​​the amount of revaluation rewards given to players.

medals Tokyo 2020 Rio 2016
or 65000 Euro 50000 Euro
silver €25,000 20000 Euro
Bronze €15,000 13,000 EUR

The National Sports Agency (ANS), under the direction of Claude Unsta, stated that the federations of each medalist would also be rewarded, taking into account the participation of coaches without whom nothing would be possible. The value of the assistance paid by the ANS is 35,000 euros for gold, 15,000 euros for silver and 8,000 euros for bronze.

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“The Games are the only time when athletes can be rewarded for the work and investments they have made every day for four years.”Roxana Marasinho, Delegate Minister Responsible for Sports, said. It aims to win 40 medals this year in the Olympic Games and 35 in the Paralympic Games.

Despite all the participation of France in the promotion of athletes, our country is much less than Italy, which planned to pay 180 thousand euros for a gold medal. However, it was overtaken by Germany, which allocates only 19 thousand euros to its heroes. Sweden and the United Kingdom do not award any medal awards.

Top athletes sometimes struggle to get a decent standard of living. In 2016, at the Rio Olympics, half of the athletes lived below the poverty line, which at that time was valued at 987 euros per month. Since then, things have changed somewhat. The French authorities, realizing this situation, want to turn things around in their favor and promote the sport for the Paris Games that will be held in 2024.

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Countries that provide the biggest rewards for athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Singapore has given up the throne of the other countries in terms of financial grants for a gold medal. In 2016, Olympic swimming champion Joseph Schooling won a prize of 1 million Singapore dollars, or about 650,000 euros, from his country’s Olympic Committee. Regarding the silver medal, athletes can expect to receive up to 230 thousand euros.

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India is also one of the countries that rewards medalists. However, this varies in different states of the federation. For example, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana pay around 700,000 euros to gold medalists while Tamil Nadu is offering a bonus of 340,000 euros.

Indonesia comes in third with a reward of around 630,000 euros, according to the report Money under 30. Similarly, Hong Kong rewards its champions up to 550,000 euros.

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