How many video games have you played on the Nintendo Switch in 2021? Find all your stats on the Nintendo website – Nintendo Switch

at the end of the year, Nintendo invites you To discover your game stats on Nintendo Switch. How many matches have you played this year? 10, 20…more? And compared to last year? Did it work better or worse? employment private page Nintendo invites you to find out all of this but also how many games you started playing in 2021, just to see if you’ve played the same games from year to year. And that’s not all, thanks to these stats, you will be able to discover the names of the games you played the most in 2021 as well as the number of gold and silver points collected; You’ll also know if you’ve been playing more in TV mode or in portable mode and you’ll find out how many hours you’ve dedicated to gaming each month… Upon arrival, Nintendo will present you with some titles you might like. In short, a very cute little treat whose personalities may surprise you and you can get through with it The official website by following this link And by logging in with your account (provided, of course, that you’ve linked it to your console.)

For more information, find some stats about your server and our dear ggvanrom, less. Feel free to share your own.

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