How is the team built?

The method of strengthening social bonds between colleagues has many aspects. What are they ?

The construction team It comes straight from the United States, but it wasn’t always in the form in which we know it today. The whole purpose of the exercise is to strengthen the bonds between members of the same company, whether they are colleagues or different individuals distributed according to the hierarchy. If the method has captured the attention of decision makers in the world of work so much, it is because it allows Fine Greater productivity – so we are far from happy in the company for simple pleasure. It is about making it fun to work alone and more often with others, to create a positive climate based on trust, solidarity, cooperation, benevolence and communication.

However, there are different forms of construction team, the way that has evolved over time, trends and techniques. Initially, it consisted of commando training courses that prompted employees to work together in a military manner, and then diverted to adapt to the workplace. While most of the experiences were construction team Outside the workplace to create a separation between professional and personal environments, corporate seminars are also held. Today, there is a clear tendency to separate the two so that team building experience does not indicate professional experience, even if it does.

travel companies

The most classic means of strengthening social ties is undoubtedly the corporate journey, which allows you to escape from everyday life and offices to promote the natural development of connections between employees. We often think of trips abroad, in the heat of the tropics, but we can promote a momentary escape to France, for example in a bed and breakfast or a guest house and organize activities from there. Proximity (tourism, physical activities such as hiking, kayaking, team guiding game, etc.). However, the danger is to favor only the existing connections and not to disentangle the difference between them.

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The most elegant of construction teamEntertainment has conquered the team building method in just a few short years. By entertainment, we mean organizing games like famous games escape game It is about thinking together to solve a puzzle in a pre-created scenario to escape a maze path. You can also choose killing party, more and more common. These are life-size role-playing games, such as Kleido, where it comes to a multilateral investigation solution where everyone is invited to show their qualities.

digital and virtual

However, there is a growing demand for digital technology construction team : You can choose online role-playing games, or use virtual reality to simulate team challenges. But above all, it allows all employees of the company to participate, regardless of their location. If your business is divided between branches in Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg, it is quite possible to organize a joint event. Very convenient.

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