How is Easter in France and the UK?

Issued by Elsia Columb | On 04/03/2021 at 5:14 pm | Updated on 03/04/2021 at 17:20

As you know, Easter is a primary and a feast with a religious meaning. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus and is celebrated every first Sunday after the first full moon following March 21st. So where does the famous Easter Bunny and its colorful eggs come from?

In the past, rabbit meant fertility and renewal. It was in this context that a legend was born in Germany, and the idea of ​​a small rodent with colored eggs spread until it touched its neighbors. In the United Kingdom, however, the party is halted by a whole slew of folk tales. Easter celebrates spring and renewal, just like its appearance. But in this case it was a pagan holiday.

A pre-cooked hard-boiled egg race is organized for the kids, followed by a large chocolate egg hunt. The day ends with the Easter hat parade, with the opportunity to create large hats adorned with seasonal flowers and big bunny ears.

In France, on the other hand, religion has a lot of meaning. We tell the younger one that bringing chocolates is the bell. Easter Sunday concludes Holy Week, which runs from Thursday to Saturday. During this period, church bells no longer sounded as a sign of mourning. The children are then told to leave the bells to go to Rome to be blessed by the Pope. On Sunday, they begin to sound again. This indicates that the bells, returning to churches, flew over gardens, fields and parks, leaving chocolate eggs in their path.

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Finally, whether it is about religious beliefs or folk tales, Easter Chocolate is an opportunity to taste eggs, to the delight of children, even the greatest!

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