How far can humans go in space?

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How far can humans go in space? After taking the first step on the moon 50 years ago, astronauts are getting ready to go back there and are already preparing for Mars even if it is still and only in low orbit on the International Space Station that is happening. Can we really go further? higher ? To the stars and beyond?

Is it really possible to reshape Mars? Why and for what purpose? How far will humanity’s oldest dream take us? Is it for better or for worse? A question beyond the mirage of space tourism as we will discover with our guests astrophysicist Roland Lehoucq, science fiction enthusiast, video author and community manager for the universe, Florence Purcell. Both have just written in four hands a wonderfully beautifully illustrated book in space Published by La Martiniere.

With :

Roland LahoukAn astrophysicist.

– Florence PurcellExpert in popular sciences specializing in space and cosmology. Check out his YouTube channel by clicking here.

for their work Humans in the space between reality and imagination. A book published by La Martinière editions.

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