How Donald Trump has already guaranteed to take advantage of the “midterms”.

Fig Data – The former president supports several Republican candidates, whose election is merely a formality, allowing the Grand Old to increase his influence in the party and Congress.

This is now a dead tweet. In this message posted in June 2019, a simple video showing election signs supporting Donald Trump in 2024, 2028, and 2032, up to a hypothetical campaign in 2064… is evident: ” Trump 4EVA “. Translation : ” Trump forever “. If the Constitution prevents him from continuing as President until such date, nothing prevents him from contesting.” The second and final period During the next presidential election, in November 2024, the current occupant of the White House will seek revenge on the man who toppled him. Joe Biden.

If successful, the billionaire would make American history as only the second president to serve two consecutive terms. But before that, the former head of state chose another, closer deadline: the midterm elections, Tuesday, November 8.

Taking over the Republican Party

To do…

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