How do you know if your ex is controlling your account?

If you suspect your ex is still taking advantage of your Netflix account, now is the time to get to the bottom of it.

waiting The end of the account sharing that Netflix promised For several months now, the N red platform can sometimes become a source of contention, even with a premium account and four screens at once. So when an unauthorized person decides to add themselves to the equation, it’s best to act quickly.

There are plenty of reasons to fear for the security of your Netflix account. As long as you share your subscription with certain relatives, it is not excluded that they will be accepted by a Try phishing online, or let it slip unintentionally. Most likely, your ex with whom you no longer share anything can continue to use your password, provided you haven’t changed it a few months ago.

Whether it’s someone with ill intentions, or just an ex-relative who’d rather put your account on the squat than log out, you have every reason in the world to want to take control of your Netflix subscription. Firstly, because no one wants to see their history tainted by a third party. Secondly, because access to your account can also open more sensitive doors, in particular to your account Bank details or your geographical location.

How do I know if someone is taking over my account?

to know Who has access to your Netflix accountNothing is easier. Since last November, all you have to do is go to the tab account From the web version of the platform. to the department Security and privacyit is now possible to specify Access and device management. Then a menu opens, showing you all the devices and profiles that have had access to your subscription in recent months, but also Determine their geolocation, their IP address and the type of device in question.

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All you have to do is check all the connected devices and then determine if one of them is suspicious. Pay special attention to the type of device and its location. It is likely that if someone decided to take over your account, they would have a thought not to create a profile under their own name, but simply to use an already existing member profile. To be sure, also check your profile viewing history, as well as your saved caption settings. If your account suddenly starts showing Javanese subtitles, it’s probably not just a bug.

How do you protect your account?

If you find that an ex relative or a complete stranger is using your Netflix account without your consent, there are a few steps you need to take. let’s start with, Disconnect suspicious devices from tab Access and device management. For more precautions, you can also use drastic measures and revoke access from all devices, which you will have to manually reconnect to access your account again.

Then it is necessary Change your passwordAbove all, choose a key that is as long as possible, secure and unique. Feel free to let your loved ones know the importance of not communicating with Account password To anyone, especially not to respond to scam messages.

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