“How do you go to the toilet in space?”: Thomas Bisquet answers the questions of the Belgians

This Monday, June 27, Thomas biscuits Was a guest on RTL INFO 1 pm. The charismatic astronaut, 44, returned late last year from his second stay on the International Space Station. (IS).

he is He answered the questions of the Belgians.

How do you go to the bathroom?? How do you evacuate?asked a resident of Namur.

This question is “natural,” because people are viewing their daily lives and trying to find the connection points, explains the astronaut.We don’t have an eviction. It works by suction. There is ventilation that allows us to assist in this process. Then we store everything until we can evacuate it‘, he explains. In general, this isfreight vehicles who bring everything they need to get the job done, Thomas explains biscuits.Oxygenclothes, food, science experiments, … We fill them with trash cans that will burn up in the atmosphere and so get away with it. get rid of“.

“Aren’t you afraid not to come back?He wanted to know a Belgian.

Yes, it still crosses our minds“, He says.That is why, when you leave the house, you should tell your family and loved ones everything. And that’s why it’s really difficult. But once you are at the station, it will become a fairly large boat, so there will be no sense of danger. but During the journey to go up or down or during outings there, we feel exposed and therefore think about it a little more..

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According to him, it is vital that the ESA (European Space Agency) It receives the necessary funding to be able to launch its own astronauts in the future, something that only the United States, Russia and China are currently doing.

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