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There is no department or league that requires its stars to be vaccinated at the moment, but The method of work It varies a lot from place to place. Overview.


The ATP and WTA strongly encourage vaccination, and many players have managed to get vaccinated at the competition sites, with organizers arranging the necessary. Updated protocols allow vaccinated players to play a tournament even if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

In addition, they no longer have to isolate themselves when they reach their destination and can train at the host city facilities.

Nearly 50% of female players are vaccinated, according to the WTA, and less than 50% of female players, according to the ATP, making tennis professionals the dumbest in the field.


The league and the players’ association have strongly recommended that hockey players be vaccinated.

According to an Associated Press source, according to new rules that may be announced soon, unvaccinated players who test positive for COVID-19 may be suspended without pay if they are unable to participate in their team’s activities. Fully vaccinated positive players will be treated as if they are hockey injuries and will still be paid.

With so many teams based on both sides of the Canada-US border, this element is a central issue for the upcoming season. If the Canadian government decides to require proof of vaccination from everyone entering the country, unvaccinated players will have to stay home without pay.

The message that emerges from the exchanges between the league and the players is that the latter has the right to choose not to be vaccinated, and that the employer has the right to carry out certain actions. And that if unvaccinated players are unable to work within these measures, there may be an impact on salary.

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In addition, the NHL sent a memo to teams stating that vaccination is required for any other staff member who has contact with staff and players.

More than 85% of players have been vaccinated.


The NFL announced this summer that the schedule will not be extended to accommodate a team that has a non-vaccinated player positive for COVID-19 in its ranks. Obviously, if the state prevents the match from occurring, and if it is impossible to replace it elsewhere in the calendar, it will be cancelled. The team whose player(s) caused this situation will be considered a loser, and the defeat will be added to its record. Players on both teams will not be paid, and the offending team is expected to incur costs, as well as potentially facing disciplinary action.

Players who have been vaccinated and who test positive for COVID-19, but do not have symptoms, will be able to return to work after taking two negative tests 24 hours apart. Those who have not been vaccinated will have to follow the same protocol as last year, where the isolation period was 10 days.

According to the NFL, 91.7% of all players have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 15 teams have had more than 95% of their players vaccinated.


In the Canadian Football League (CFL), there are some differences on the topics developed by the NFL. The concept of a loss applies if the match cannot be returned to the calendar, making it clear that if there is one or more cases in the two teams, both will experience another loss on their record.

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If the offending team can prove that 85% of their players have received at least their first dose, the players will be paid anyway. If the team is unable to prove it, no one will get paid.

According to CFL law, 79% of players are partially or fully vaccinated.


A non-vaccinated player or employee who comes into contact with a person infected with the COVID virus must self-isolate for five days unlike a vaccinated person, provided they are not showing symptoms and result in negative tests.

At the beginning of August, the Arena announced that a bar of 95% of the vaccinated players was approaching.

CF Montreal also sold Eric Hurtado to Columbus in July because he refused a COVID-19 vaccine.


A system of mitigating measures to combat COVID-19 has been put in place in Major League Baseball for teams achieving an 85% vaccination rate. For example, players are no longer required to wear a mask in the shelter and can eat together at the restaurant inside.

The Houston Astros and Washington National are forcing their other employees to vaccinate, unless they are exempted, or face dismissal.

Reportedly, the Astros have also demanded that all of their players, including their affiliates, be vaccinated.

In the past week, 75% of teams had more than 85% of their players vaccinated.


Lots of similarities with tennis. The PGA and LPGA strongly encourage its players to receive the vaccination. Since June, we are no longer running tests before the tournament starts.

Those who have not been vaccinated must provide evidence, at their own expense, of a negative test taken within the past 72 hours. Here too, withdrawal is no longer mandatory if there has been contact with positive people, unless you have symptoms. Gathering in small groups is also permitted, as long as applicable rules are respected.

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On the men’s side, over 85% of workers, 70% of golfers, and 90% of apprentices were vaccinated. Figures for women are not available.

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