How do professionals prepare for electronic travel authorization? 🔑

There are still some details to be worked out in establishing an ETA to return to British territory. including the cost and time required for the process.

We were assured that the process would be very quick and simple and that the cost would be reasonable to meet the competitive target. This will incur additional costs for travel. Does it deter viewers? Will they cover travel expenses? It is difficult to answer. Looking forward to more information »Séverine Tharreau, VisitBritain Country Manager France.

“If it’s €10, €20 or €100, it’s not the same. Do customers have to do this online? Do agencies care? This will Add administrative burden »Before continuing, Mylene rebukes Gambaldo: If it is simple and cheap it will be accepted because people know the process for other places. »

For both DMCs, imposes electronic travel authorization A shot in the picture of the island. After Brexit and a series of Prime Ministerial resignations, he doesn’t need this limelight.

“This is clearly further damage to the perception of the target. The French did not understand the implementation of this protocol for such an intimate space. This will be one of the difficulties: swallowing the pill.

“It makes sense for America, Asia, but not for neighboring countries,” says Abe Ireland & UK’s European Sales Director, who is nonetheless optimistic: “The impact will be short-lived because the destination is popular. Then come the positive events: the King’s coronation, Eurovision in Liverpool…”

“It will be used in two years and we will see how it develops. Elections may come by then…”Yassin abandons Bakuchev.

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Meanwhile, Best of Tours has decided to put all its eggs in one basket. After Brexit we started to diversify into France and Indonesia.

Not because we no longer believe in tourism in the UK, but becauseWe do not want to depend on a law or the goodwill of a political party Who wants to entertain his family,” says Yasin Bagooch, General Manager, Best of Tours.

VisitBritain wants to be optimistic about the destination’s arrival. “Between January and September 2022, we were at 70% in 2019. By 2023, we hope to reach 90% to 100% by 2019. Feedback from tour operators and carriers is positive. Then 2023 will be a big year with the coronation of the King and Eurovision. Last week we also launched an original communication campaign. We’re going to take advantage of that.” VisitBritain’s France Country Manager Séverin Tarrow concludes.

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