How Detectives 2.0. Tried to resolve the investigation

It took three weeks for police to find the body of English mother Nicola Bulley, who disappeared while walking her dog. In the meantime, the case has attracted enough attention to gather many amateur detectives in attendance. Social websites. If the phenomenon is already familiar in the US, a rare message has attracted many anonymous people to the UK, documenting their searches on their TikTok accounts or instagram.

Nicola Pulley, a 45-year-old mortgage adviser, was last seen alive in the River Wyre on January 27 in the North West. England. He had just dropped his two daughters at school and was walking the dog. His body was found by police in the river three weeks later. The case ended up on the front page of many newspapers and some news channels broadcast live on the spot to relive Nicola Bulli’s horrific journey.

The hashtag #NicolaBulley was used millions of times

Hashtag as divers search continues #NicolaBully It has been used millions of times on social networks by internet users, to the dismay of the family’s mother’s relatives, who share their wildest theories about the disappearance. A user of the TikTok platform He even captured the film digging up the soil to search for the body and shared the moment when the body was finally found and pulled out of the water.

“People try to get more involved in these cases, become detectives and try to investigate the crime and provide another perspective,” says David Schmidt, an English professor at American University at Buffalo. Inside America.

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Investigators 2.0. Thanks to new technologies and online databases

According to him, the phenomenon grew with the rise of documentaries and series about criminal investigations, such as the globally successful podcast. Cont or document series Making a Murderer. These successes, he explains, “have signaled a new type of public interest in crime, one aimed specifically at working on unsolved cases or intervening in cases that people perceive as miscarriages of justice.”

Involvement of amateurs In studies, made possible by new technologies and databases accessible online, however, raises the question of destruction of evidence and damage to falsely accused suspects. As part of the search for Nicola Bulli, local police had to issue “a dispersal order” in the face of several advanced detectives scouring the area’s woods for the body.

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