Houston | One-year-old boy was shot dead by the police, his mother to file a complaint

(Washington) The mother of a one-year-old boy who suffered severe head injuries at the hands of police in Houston, southern USA, announced plans to file a complaint against law enforcement authorities on Tuesday.

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“My child should not have been shot, especially by the police,” Legend Smalls’ mother told a news conference.

“He still has bullet shrapnel in his head and remains in intensive care,” said Daisha Smalls, 19, whose voice suffocated from excitement, about two weeks after part of his brain was removed.

Late on March 3, the young woman was filling up with petrol, and her son was strapped to a baby seat in the back seat, when chased by the police, she left the road in front of the gas station.

An armed man, suspected of at least two robberies, got off and threw himself at the master.I am Smalls. Then the police opened fire, killing the suspect and wounding the little boy.

MI am Houston Police Department official Troy Fenner said after the tragedy that Smalls “was refueling.” But, according to the young woman, she had finished and sat again in her car, when the chased man entered her.

“They knew she was in the car and they shot anyway,” said Ben Crump, a lawyer who specializes in police violence against African Americans.

“Right now, in the face of African Americans, the police shoot first and then ask questions, and they don’t do that to the other citizens,” he said.

Teammate Antonio Romanucci added: “You shouldn’t shoot when you don’t know your target.” “We are not in a movie or TV series!”

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The two men demanded access to recordings of the scene, stating that Houston police are believed to have cameras during their interventions.

“We are still gathering the facts, but a complaint will be lodged soon,” added Antonio Romanucci.

US police, accused of regularly using excessive force against the black minority, slammed on an unprecedented scale following the death of George Floyd, under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25.

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