Hospital admissions are also on the rise, and the vaccination campaign is prolonged

It’s not just Covid-19 in life. The Omicron variant is sure to create panic and chaos in France and around the world. But endemic diseases also spread, especially influenza.

This is what the French Public Health Authority called, on Tuesday, announcing the extension of the vaccination campaign against this virus until February 28, 2022. Vaccination is recommended for all people at risk, especially the elderly.

“Influenza activity was on the rise in most regions at the end of December,” notes Public Health France. “After Occitanie and Ile-de-France, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region entered an epidemic phase and Normandy and Burgundy-Franch-Contés were in a pre-epidemic phase.”

Increase consultations and hospitalizations

Influenza control is a crucial issue in this period, because this virus is not without consequences for hospitals, already saturated by Omicron: “The rate of consultations for influenza syndrome has increased significantly (66%) since the end of December, public health France guarantees. […] Hospitalizations for influenza or influenza syndrome among all hospitals also increased by 15% compared to the last week of December. “

Note that barrier gestures, very effective in preventing Covid-19, also serve to reduce the circulation of influenza. On your masks!

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