Horse-backed immigrants: Biden promises “consequences” for these “slanderous” actions

Washington, USA | Joe Biden, who has been criticized for managing the migration crisis on the southern border of the United States, promised the “consequences” of police officers who photographed Haitian immigrants on horseback on Friday.

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“This is slander,” the U.S. president, who has been generally silent on the matter for a long time, told reporters.

“I promise you, they will pay, there will be an investigation, there will be consequences,” Joe Biden said, answering questions asked after the talk about the Govt-19 vaccine.

When asked by a journalist if you were responsible for the “chaos” at the border, he replied: “Of course I am responsible. I am the president. It was horrible to see people being treated like this …

“It’s embarrassing,” he said before recovering. “It’s more than embarrassment. It’s dangerous. It should not be. It sends the wrong message to the world, the wrong message to us.”

Unlike Donald Trump, Democrats who promised in his campaign to treat immigration issues humanely said, “Who are we?”

His administration has been criticized by all quarters as the United States deported large numbers of Haitians across the border.

Tens of thousands of immigrants, mostly Haitians, have been flocking for weeks to the Mexican cities of Guatemala and Tapasula on the Texas border, where they live in heat and unsanitary conditions.

The left blames Joe Pitton for his harshness, while the right conspires to treat the displacement as a looseness that causes air intake.

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Tensions surrounding these matters escalated further on Thursday as US Ambassador Heidi Daniel Foote resigned, condemning her in an “inhumane” expelled letter.

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