Hope for the first messenger RNA vaccine

Messenger RNA vaccine against AIDS is in testing phase and has just been given to macaques: first results are promising, reveal US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases researchers who conduct this research in partnership with Moderna Laboratory. This technology will respond to forty years of fruitless research on vaccines.

The risk of contracting HIV was said to be reduced by 79% in seven macaques who received the HIV/AIDS mRNA vaccine.. It was previously attributed to mice. Some side effects, such as loss of appetite, were observed, but only temporarily.

Delaying transmission of the virus

For a year, macaques received multiple doses, until antibodies were detected by week 58, the study notes. They explained that since the 60th week, they were administered the virus adapted to their species (because they cannot infect the human version) through the rectal mucosa. After thirteen weeks, the researchers found that only two macaques had no infection at all. The other five got it but The disease took much longer to develop than in those who were infected without the vaccine: 8 weeks, compared to 3 weeks usually.

There are still improvements to be made, particularly because multiple injections are complicated to set up (…]

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