Honoring the heroes, celebrities and stars of Covid sports in the list of Queens honors for the new year

The New Year is off to a great start as hundreds of COVID heroes are rewarded with gongs for their work during the pandemic.

Fundraisers like Tobias Wheeler, 11, appear alongside familiar expert advisors on the New Year’s Honors List.

11-year-old Tobias Waller has become the youngest person ever to be selected in the New Year’s Honors listcredit: PA

The youngest person to be recorded at yesterday’s New Year’s homage said he was “crushed to pieces”.

Tobias Wheeler, 11, with cerebral palsy and autism, has been dubbed a captain after his hero, Captain Sir Tom Moore, inspired him to start fundraising during lockdowns.

He was awarded the OBE after raising more than £157,000 for the Paces School, where he was a student, and The Children Hospital Charity, in his hometown of Sheffield.

‘It is very surprising,’ said Tobias, ‘that the Queen has been so honored before.’

Max and Wosi gathered more than half a million sleepers in a tentCredit: Neil Hope/The Sun

Max Woosi, 12, from Brownton in Devon, has raised more than £570,000 for North Devon Hospice by spending every night in a tent since March 28, 2020.

He was also awarded the Order of the British Empire.

He was inspired to help the hospice after the staff looked after close family friend Rick Abbott, 74, in the last days of his life.

The two young men are among hundreds of ordinary Britons who have been given gongs to do extraordinary things.

The biggest winner was magician Henry Lewis, 102, of Stanmore, north London, who is Honorary Vice President of the Magical Circle. He’s been performing characters since the age of eight.

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He was called an MBE fundraiser and told The Sun, “I’m so proud, going strong, and still performing in my nursing home.

“The only complaint was that my offer was too short. He said of the honor, “I am so lucky to still be here to get it—they can’t leave it too late to hand it to me!”

British Covid heroes received gongs to fight the virus.

Honoring pandemic heroes Jonathan Van Tam, Sir Patrick Vallance, Jenny Harris and Chris Whitty
Honoring pandemic heroes Jonathan Van Tam, Sir Patrick Vallance, Jenny Harris and Chris Whittycredit: PA

Favorite COVID Press Conference Professor Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van Tam Recognized Jenny Harris.

The chief medical officer, Professor Whitty, and the famous “JVT” were both knighted.

Dr. Harry became a lady, while Sir Patrick Vallance became He was knighted and promoted to the rank of Knight Commander of the Prestigious Knight of the Order of the Pigeons.

As 2022 dawns, confidence is growing that more restrictions to protect from Omicron may not be necessary this month.

Join the sports champions to be rewarded for their success in 2021.
A total of 1,278 people received lightning strikes.

The majority (63 percent) go to members of the general public to work in their community.

It is also the most diverse list, with 15.1% of winners coming from an ethnic minority, while 612 women were recognized.

Congratulating them all last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “These beneficiaries have inspired, entertained and given so much to their communities in the UK or in many cases around the world.

“These distinctions are an opportunity for us to thank them, as a nation, for their exceptional dedication and contribution.”

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The sponsor of spreading the vaccine, Dr. Emily Lawson – who worked alongside the Gaps Sun Army campaign – was also honored as Lady.

She said, “I am honored and delighted to be honored on behalf of the Army of the dedicated and hardworking staff and volunteers who implemented the largest and most successful immunization program in the history of health services. ”

Dr. John Raine, chair of the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency, which has ensured the safety of the injection, has been appointed as Ms.

Natalie O’Rourke, 46, won one of our Who Cares Wins Awards in September — and now she’s buying a new one.

The director of London’s Park Lane Stables, which provides access to horses for the disabled and vulnerable, has been honored with the MBE Award.

Head of Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, who acquired an OBE in 2014, gets a CBE to create a financial helpline for the pandemic.

Tony Blair is now Sir Tony after being the Queen’s most famous knight.

Her Majesty the Queen personally made former Labor Party Prime Minister Rafik Fares the highest honor in Rabat.

US Open Champion Emma Raducano received MBE
US Open Champion Emma Raducano received MBECredit: Social Media
James Bond, outgoing Daniel Craig, also received the Journeyman's Medal
James Bond, outgoing Daniel Craig, also received the Journeyman’s Medalcredit: PA

Emma Raducano has been chosen as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021

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