Hong Kong: As for the United Kingdom, China is holding a “cold demonstration of its campaign to silence the opposition.”

The UK has condemned the closure of the pro-democracy Fortress Apple Daily newspaper in Hong Kong so far. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb tweeted, “The forced closure of ppAppleDaily_HK by Hong Kong authorities is a cold demonstration of their campaign to silence all opposition voices.” The strike comes almost a year after Beijing imposed tough national security legislation designed to end all dissent in the former British colony. A comprehensive action was taken on June 17 against the daily that the authorities had long wanted to protect.

In a statement, Dominic Robb said it was clear that the National Security Act was being used “as a tool to restrict freedom and punish dissidents – rather than maintaining public order.” “The Chinese government is committed to protecting press freedom and freedom of expression in Hong Kong within the framework of the Joint Declaration,” the declaration was signed in 1984, with the aim of signing the agreement on former British territory, he declared. “He must fulfill his promises and respect the duties he has freely given,” the minister insists.

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