‘Homecoming’ on Netflix: Terrifying Thin Creatures

Snakes, scorpions, spiders… This very good 3D animated movie appears on the platform, and pays tribute to the unloved species of Australia. From the age of 6 years.

Within the relatively average catalog of animated films produced by Netflix, this 3D feature film is an exception. It pays homage to the species unloved in Australia, most of which are endemic to the island: the funnel-shaped spider, the horned devil, the scorpion, and the desert taipan bird, said here. “It can kill a hundred people in less than ten seconds with a drop of its poison.”. In urban and rural areas, their journey begins at a wildlife park in Sydney Bay and ends in the mountains of the Outback – the famous “outback”.

The film is fueled by rhythmic gags, some worthy of Pixar productions, with guaranteed dubbing, in the original, by the best “Australian” actors (Eric Bana and Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce and Jackie Weaver). Not forgetting the cheerful references to the classics of domestic cinema: crocodile dandy, For a zoo animated look, or crazy max, For a caravan speeding on a dirt road – motorcycles, jeeps, fire engines.

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