Hogwarts Legacy: New Scene Preview and Personalization

The new game in the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts Legacy, reveals itself a little more thanks to a new scene and a preview of character customization.

(Image credit: Avalanche Software)

The new game was revealed during the Autodesk Vision series. You can then see new scene items as well as a menu overview to customize/create your character. The new short video gives us a better idea of ​​the in-game graphics quality and narration of this new magical story.

new scene

The new submitted scene features two Hogwarts students watching three black wizards attack and capture Hippogriff, the wonderful animal we saw appear in the universe in the third volume of the book series. The scene ends when a student leaves to take the black witches by surprise because they seem distracted by the Hippogriff. The player character is then directed to find a strategic place to rise, but the scene ends here. On the other hand, we can hint that our character will have to do some climbing to achieve his goals. The scenery is very beautiful and makes you look forward to the game version Planned for the festive season 2022.

Character customization overview

In addition to this beautiful scene, we were able to get a glimpse of the mode to customize your character and the options that will be available to us. Although we can’t access everything, we can see in the images provided a good amount of options for face shape, hair, skin tone, etc. Everything you need to make a magician in your photo.

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Hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts legacy

The Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 19th century, long before Harry, Ron, and Hermione arrive at Hogwarts. Choosing to use time never before explored in the series should allow Avalanche Software studio many creative liberties. Hopefully they’ll be able to stay true to the series’ magical universe while giving us a whole new exciting story to discover. Fans of the Harry Potter series are already very excited about the game’s release, but it will be several months before they can fully experience it.

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