Hockey: At the gates of history, the Canadian will be able to count on many fans in Florida

The Stanley Cup may return to Montreal this summer, after a 28-year absence. But the Canadian must first defeat the defending champion, the Tampa Bay Lightning, in a duel that begins Monday night. To do this, players wearing Sainte-Flanelle can count on the support of fans as far as Florida.

Final ‘tears’ several Quebec from The country of the rising sun, we say to Task Certified Floridian Chantal Ether. Some say, ‘I’m going to my adopted land, I’m going to lightning.’ He throws the ball like that. “No, no, no, these are our roots, it must be Canadian.” Anyway, for Canadians in the area, it would be a very cool streak.”

This historic struggle gained a special charm this year for thousands of Quebecers in this southern state. Away from their families in Canada, Bryan Tucker and his wife Mélanie Gagnon will proudly cheer for their team, in person, at Game 5. “We’ve been away for four years, but we’re a bit bored, especially with COVID-19. We haven’t been able to go to Montreal for long. With This series, we feel something. We share something with people from home, in Montreal, even if we’re far from them. It still brings us together,” says Tucker.

Lightning fans might be excited, Bryan Tucker expects a beautiful blue, white and red crowd in the stands at the Amalie Arena. “We hope there will be a lot of Al-Kindi supporters, it will be good,” he exclaimed before remembering that fights broke out in the last game between Lightning fans and Islanders fans.

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Some Quebecers may dare defy travel restrictions to encourage Glorious.

I saw a guy with his car full of Canadian signals. He was wearing a Canadian shirt. He was wearing a Canadian hat. I went to talk to him and he was from New York!

“Today, on the highway north of Tampa Bay, I saw a car from Quebec and I can tell you that vehicles with this year’s Quebec plate are very rare,” Chantal says, and yesterday. “In my opinion, he had to go down because of the series. At the approximate age of the passengers, they weren’t snow birds. They weren’t retired and the chances of them being on the show are very, very high. “

The love of Montreal Canadiens is found everywhere in the United States, and the Tambayan Jose Lacroix Scully in turn testifies. “Last week I saw a guy with his car full of Canadian streamers. He was wearing a Canadian T-shirt. He was wearing a Canadian hat. I went to talk to him and he was from New York! Everywhere around it, all Quebecers are eagerly waiting for this chain.” It only happens once in a lifetime. !” “

participating forces

This time Dominique Ducharme’s forces are measured against a large team. Five Lightning players dominate the final match results: Nikita Kucherov, Brayden Point, Alex Killorn, Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman.

Next, it should be remembered that the Tampa Bay Lightning is the reigning NHL champion. So it’s not wrong to say that the Hab will – again this season – have to wear the T-shirt of the neglected.

According to the Canadians’ assistant coach, Luke Richardson, the Bleu-blanc-rouge’s game plan may be similar to that defended in the previous three rounds. “We faced clubs that focused on attacking and were able to contain them, so I think we will face a team that has increased the attack mentality,” he said on Sunday. We will have to focus on our strengths, monitor certain players, at certain times, at certain stages of the game.”

“But I really think if we defend our style of play, as much as possible, we can silence any team in this league,” he added.

In the network, Carrie Bryce will face Andrei Vasilevsky. Both have similar statistical records, with 13 successful starts, maintaining an estimated save ratio of 0.930, with an average goals-per-game hovering around 2.

Two shadows obscure the formation of the Hab. First, striker Joel Jeremiah will have to give up his place, as he must be subject to the league’s protocol on COVID-19. A player following this protocol does not necessarily have to declare themselves positive, but only if they have been in contact with a positive person. This is the second time this season that Armia has had to submit to this protocol.

Finally, coach Dominique Ducharme, who has openly declared himself positive, will have to be absent until the third game of the series scheduled for Friday, at the Bale Center.

with the Canadian press

“These guys are close to my heart.”

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