Hit & Run (Netflix): Expected season 2 after the success of Segev (Lior Raz)?

Netflix continues to innovate, on August 6, 2021, it presented its subscribers with new productions: hit and run . This Israeli and American action series includes nine episodes of about 40 minutes each. For these beginnings, hit and run Ranked in the top 3 of the most viewed novelties on the platform.

The events take place in Tel Aviv, Segev Azoulay (Lior Raz) He is an Israeli tour guide. He sees his life turned upside down when his wife is hit by a car and dies. The killers are leaving for the United States. He will pursue them and will do everything in his power to take revenge on his wife and condemn them. Over time, Sergeev will learn some unpleasant facts about his wife. The series also highlights the geopolitical relationship between America and Israel.

Lior Raz, regular on Netflix

In the process of acting, viewers will be able to find it Lior Raz, an Israeli actor plays especially in Chaos, a successful Israeli spy series, also available on Netflix.

The actor who plays Segev Azulai is also a producer, co-author, and co-writer hit and run . The comedian was also filmed in 2019 in 6 underground American action movie directed by Michael Bay With Ryan ReynoldsFor… Netflix.

Sana’a Lathan embody Naomi Hicks in a hit and run . The American actress played a notable role Ash Akino in the series shots fired Based on Janelle Wilson in a affairs .

Expected sequel to Hit & Run?

If nothing is official yet hit and run Season 2 must know. In an interview, Lior Raz said, they expect to start filming the new season in October 2021. The end of the last episode suggests a possible sequel.

Furthermore, hit and run It is considered the first original Israeli production for Netflix. So you can benefit from great support from the platform. In the act of acting, the same actors must be present.

Note that the first season’s shooting was disrupted by the pandemic.

While waiting for a possible sequel, the first season of hit and run Available on Netflix.

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