Historic successful landing of International Space Station astronauts


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The Dragon capsule succeeded in the night landing and four astronauts returned to Earth after six months at the International Space Station on Sunday, May 2. Historic achievement.

A night pause, an event that hasn’t happened in nearly half a century, the Apollo missions. At 3 am on Sunday, May 2, the Dragon capsule hit the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, off Florida, and turned slightly black after entering the atmosphere at 1,600 degrees. It was lifted to a boat in about 20 minutes, with four astronauts on board. NASA engineers noticed the images, and were very happy.

A few hours ago, on the International Space Station, the crew bid farewell. There were still 11 astronauts, including Thomas Pesquet, who shaved your chin for the occasion, using a tablet as a mirror. “It was really an honor to pilot this amazing machine and this amazing crew. You only have to look at us to realize that space is an international adventure.”Shannon Walker, the former captain of the International Space Station who handed over the keys to its Japanese successor, explained.

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