His new album topped the UK for the first time in almost 10 years

Credit to Elton John: Bang Showbiz

Elton John topped the UK Best Albums chart with “The Lockdown Sessions”. The record, composed during his imprisonment, effectively allowed the singer to top the English charts for the first time in almost ten years. As a reminder, “The Lockdown Sessions” features a number of collaborations, including songs by Dua Liba, Lil Nass X, Stevie Knicks, Stevie Wonder, Young Tuck, Nicki Minaj or Charlie Buth. After “Good Morning to the Night” was released in 2012, Elton has not topped the charts in the UK.

In the past, the singer has been able to rule the charts with the albums ‘Don’t Shoot Me I Am Only the Piano Player’ (1973), ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ (1973), and ‘Carribo’ (1974). ), ‘Elton Johns Greatest Hits’ (1974), ‘Sleeping with the Past’ (1989), and ‘The Very Best of’ (1990).

Speaking about the album, Elton said a few months ago, “The last thing I expected during Lockdown was to make an album.” “But as the epidemic progressed, one-off projects arose. Some recording sessions had to be done remotely by zoom, which I had never done before. Others were recorded under very strict security rules, worked with another artist, but all the songs I worked on were very Interesting and diverse, completely different things than I was famous for, took me from my comfort zone to a whole new territory. “

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