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Tina Turner passed away at the age of 83 but her works are eternal. The last movie I played in is also on Netflix.

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The rock legend is gone. Singer Tina Turner died on May 24, 2023, at her home in Switzerland, at the age of 83. This great artist who is especially known for her music and titles (simply) the best And What’s Love Got To Do With ItAmong other things, she also had a short career as an actress. Tina Turner made her debut Gimme Shelter In 1970, he played himself. Then she played the role of the queen in Acid Tommyshine in Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Domethen, once again reprising his role in Brian Gibson’s biopic titled Tina. In 1993, she was given features for the character of Mayor V.I Last action hero, a movie by John McTiernan with Arnold Schwarzenegger, available on Netflix. This is his last film appearance.

Last action hero On Netflix, what’s it about?

Although Tina Turner only has a minor role in this ’90s movie, it’s always nice to find her on our screens. Last action hero It tells the story of Danny Madigan, an eleven-year-old who never stops dreaming. Thanks to the Magic Ticket, he can experience the adventures of his favorite policeman, Slater. Together they face dangers and always win. But things get complicated when people with bad intentions steal the magic ticket and arrive in New York, where crime pays more than cinema.

Tina Turner has published two autobiographies

Tina Turner is a multi-professional artist, artist with A capital. In addition to her albums and the movies she’s starred in, she’s also Author of two biographies : the first titled I’m Tinareleased in 1986. His writings were the subject of a 1993 film adaptation called Tina. In 2019, the artist unveiled a new work in which she demonstrated flexibility with publishing Tina Turner, Biography.

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