Here’s what’s new in iOS 15 for this fall

As is the case every year, at its traditional WWDC Developers Conference, Apple presents a major update of iOS for mobile devices from version 14 (14.6) to version 15.

In this iOS 15 update rollup, Apple promises more natural FaceTime calling, introduces SharePlay for shared experiences, helps users focus, engage in the moment with new ways to manage notifications, smarter photos, and find quick access to information.

FaceTime now supports spatial audio where sounds originate from where a person is placed on the screen and the new microphone sensitivity separates the user’s voice from background noise.

Also for video calls, it will be possible to add cool pictures to blur the background. Finally, during a conference call, FaceTime will present a grid view to see more characters at once.


The new SharePlay feature lets you watch and listen to a TV show or movie while calling friends on FaceTime. SharePlay works on iPhone, iPadĀ®, and MacĀ® devices, and with shared playback controls, anyone in a SharePlay session can play, pause, or skip forward.

SharePlay is also possible on the Apple TV console where users can watch shows or movies on a big screen while clicking FaceTime, and SharePlay will sync everyone’s playback.

Compatibility between applications and platforms is also increasing. By creating a link from your iPhone, iPad or Mac and sharing it to Messages, Calendar, Mail or other third-party apps, FaceTime calling is possible on Android and Windows devices.

In all cases, the privacy of end-to-end encrypted calls on FaceTime is guaranteed.

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New in iOS 15, Focus brings together tools to help users focus and reduce distractions. Focus allows you to decide which apps and people are allowed to notify us during work hours or while you sleep. Once activated, the focus also applies to all of the owner’s other Apple devices.

On a related note, notifications have been redesigned, adding contact photos for people and larger icons for apps, making them easier to identify.

To reduce distractions, the new notification digest combines non-urgent notifications to deliver them at a more convenient time, such as morning or evening.

live text

The best example of Live Text is a password displayed in a coffee shop or an image of a handwritten recipe. With the camera and processing power of the Neural Engine, Live Text can quickly identify and transcribe content.

Matching logic With Visual Look Up, users can learn more about world famous artworks and landmarks, plants and flowers found in nature, pet breeds, and even find books.

Spotlight Find Everything in your device now uses intelligence to search for photos by location, people, scenes or objects, and with Live Text, Spotlight can find text and handwriting in photos.

Safari on iOS 15

For the home browser, Safari offers a new built-in tab bar that floats at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to switch between tabs. It will be possible to save tabs and access them easily at any time on iPhone, iPad or Mac.


Apple promises a lot for its Maps navigation app, as the level of detail has been greatly improved in cities, neighborhoods and shopping districts. The altitudes will be indicated and there will be a new moonlight night mode.

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The 3D city driving experience will provide new road details to better distinguish turning lanes, intermediates, bike paths and cross lanes.

On public transport, users will be warned when it’s almost time to get off and their rides can be viewed on the Apple Watch.

With iOS 15, users just need to hold their iPhone upright and Maps will generate a highly accurate location to provide detailed walking instructions in augmented reality.

Unlock almost everything with Wallet

This year, new types of keys will be integrated into Waller, such as digital car keys that will work even better thanks to support for ultra-wideband technology that allows the car to unlock and start safely without having to go outside. their pocket or bag.

With our US neighbors, their driver’s licenses and ID cards can be combined into Wallet. ID cards in Wallet are encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element, the same hardware technology that secures Apple Pay.

Siri and the weather

Siri voice interface gains control and privacy. Thus, all voice commands will be processed on the iPhone by default.

The Weather app includes more graphics, weather data, full-screen maps, and dynamic layouts that change based on conditions. Animated wallpapers will more accurately reflect the position of the sun and precipitation, and notifications will appear when rain or snow begins and stops.

One last word in the translation app adds a new live translation feature that makes the conversation flow naturally from one language to another. System-wide translation allows users to translate text anywhere on their iPhone.

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iOS 15 will be available in beta next month and in a consumer version this fall as a free update.

Tomorrow, what’s new in macOS Monterey.

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