Here’s what Netflix has in store for us for season two

On November 23, the world was fascinated by the Netflix series Wednesday Directed by Tim Burton. Opinions were unanimous for the adaptation centered on the famous daughter of the Addams family. Among the many talents of the main character, including dancing and more than careful thinking … the actress Jenna Ortega She raised the bar by lending her acerbic teenage features. As completely addictive as it gets, many of us are eagerly awaiting the next season. So, the creators of the series have done some inspiration to keep us waiting… So, we can’t wait!

Wed: The sequel is full of complications

At present, the streaming platform has not yet confirmed the second season of Wednesday. However, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, creators of the series, are already working on the prospects for a sequel. They revealed some of their thoughts to the magazine Hollywood Reporter And everything must get complicated at Nevermore Academy. ” We want to explore all the relationships between the characters and their complexity. School is now closed, leaving us with so many possibilities for season two and we can’t wait.they said. They also revealed that they are considering a more complicated relationship between Wednesday and Morticia Adams. They are a fan Catherine Zeta-Jones who would be more than happy to see her in this role.

Wednesday and Enid: What does the future hold for them?

The relationship that the authors of the series would like to express more is the friendship that the heroine shares with Enid. Yes, because we witnessed the beginning of affection between teenagers. ” The fact that audiences relate to these two heroines is very interesting, says Alfred Gough. We want to develop this dynamic now that Merready has discovered the importance of friendship. What will it look like? She’s still hugging Enid, it’s one of the biggest developments in season one, right? Now we can go further.The showrunners explained.

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They also said that we should expect everything as to the continuation of this fantasy. ” The main theme of the series is brotherhood. We won’t be condoning anything, and of course the characters reveal themselves sometimes. We have a roadmap, and we like events to take us in unexpected directions. So we are open for anything.

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