Here’s how to revitalize the new Chrome design

The new Material You interface for Android 12 will also apply to Chrome. The difference with the old design is very subtle since only the corners of the legs are rounded. It can actually be tested by entering the URL in the search bar.

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Last week, during the Google I / O conference, the company introduced us to Mountain View Material You, the new interface to Android 12. The latter gives a center stage for customization, for example by leaving the possibility to apply a theme based on the background image. The design is also more pleasing to the eye, especially with the finishing touches Pastel colors and rounded edges on windows and menus.

Google doesn’t seem to plan to apply these new design rules only to its operating system. According to the testing options inside the Chrome app, the manufacturer will as well Smoothing out the features of the Android version of its browser. While you shouldn’t see the material light before the end of the year, it’s actually possible to test out the new Chrome design.

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How to test Chrome’s Material You Interface for Android

In fact, all you have to do is enter the specific URL into the browser’s taskbar to see the changes appear. This is the exact procedure:

  • open Chrome for Android
  • Copy and paste the following URL into the search bar: chrome: // flags / # theme-refactor-android
  • In the department Reconstruct the theme on Android, Tap the drop-down menu, then tap Maybe
  • Click the button Relawach down the page
  • Close the app again and then open it
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You should then see a new menu design, with more rounded edges than usual. For now, this is the only visible change to Chrome’s design, but Google will likely prepare others for the future. The consistency however is quite respectable with Material Your interface for Android 12, and users should not be surprised to see stricter menus when going through the browser.

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