Here’s everything you need to know about the new series “1899” from the streaming platform!

Discover without delay everything we know so far about the upcoming 1899 Netflix series. Don’t miss it!

As part of its Geeked Week event, Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming German series, 1899. On Twitter, the streaming company announced that the series might be our next obsession.

why ? Created by the same creators as Dark. The popular sci-fi title that ran for three seasons on the platform. The story begins with a group of European immigrants. The latter, on their way to New York, come across a boat adrift in the middle of the ocean. Besides, this is the beginning of their nightmare! Details are in the following lines. for your readings!

Netflix: 1899

The first trailer for this Netflix series reveals that fans of Dark will be totally at ease with the story. In fact, it is filled with puzzles, artifacts, strange symbols, mysterious characters, important dates, and dark images. Although the elements of darkness are familiar, Atmosphere full of secrets Not a bad thing. And it seems that we can already begin to theorize about what inhabits the lost ship.

Also, the trailer for the next Netflix title reveals the production values ​​of 1899. That spans a huge cast, intricate storylines, gorgeous costumes, and ambitious special effects. As for the story, the narration suggests thatObservation will be the key to unlocking secrets Serial puzzles. Moreover, it will be necessary to change the point of view in order to understand it. Soon it’s time to speculate!

Netflix series creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have revealed that there won’t be time travel until 1899. That’s because they literally he was there. They also revealed that the bulk of the fun will be uncovering each character’s secret. And they stressed that “all the passengers of the ship are traveling with secrets that they do not want to reveal!”

Netflix series, which will be multilanguageIt stars Anton Lesser (Game of Thrones), Alexander Willum (The Wheel of Time), Aurine Barnard (Dunkirk) and Lucas Lingard Tonsen (Rain). There’s also Mathilde Olivier (Overlord), Miguel Bernardo (Elite), Clara Rosger (Morbius), Richard Hope (Broadchurch) and Jonas Blocker (Elle). You’ll understand, they’re all actors already with experience!

1899: These details are for consideration

Tracking Netflix Series 1899 european immigrant ship Full of hope to go to America. Even before stranger things happen, they all seem to want to escape for an even darker reason. But things really start to stir when they spot another ship in the distance.

Also be aware that the 1899 Netflix series is Produced by the creators of Dark. So we are very likely to see concepts that are as unique as they are captivating! In addition, show makers Friese and Odar offered some ideas about the general direction of the program.

The eight-episode Netflix original series is set in 1899, the same year as Dark. But on a ship carrying immigrants from London to New York. At its edge is a mixture of European travelers. As usual, the creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar create unique and different content.

And this time by making all the actors speak their mother tongue! However, even if the characters have trouble communicating, they suffer one thing in common . Their visions of the promised land of America soon turned into terrifying nightmares. 1899 is a show not to be missed on Netflix! Do not miss it!

Netflix: The 1899 Conspiracy

Netflix’s 1899 follows A multinational group of immigrants Leave London to start a new life in New York. They are united by their hopes for the new century and dreams of a better life abroad. However, they all travel with secrets that they absolutely want to hide. But when they set sail, they encountered another migrant boat that had been missing for months at sea.

What he finds on the plane changes their lives forever and a web of secrets begins to unravel. 1899 consisted of eight one-hour episodes, the pilot of which was titled The Ship. It will be streamed on Netflix in winter 2022. And while there’s no official release date yet, we think it will air in October or November!

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