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  • Season 2 of For all of humanity It premieres on Apple TV + on Fridays, with a new episode of the series added to the streamer every Friday after that.
  • Besides the new offering, Apple TV + has also launched some multimedia experiences to complete the series.
  • Among them is responsible For all of humanity The podcast, of which new episodes will be shown every Friday, a new episode will be broadcast, plus For all of humanity The AR experience can be downloaded from the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

As part of the 2021 mailing list for + Apple TVFriday will see the start of a new season of For all of humanityThe alternative story of the streamer of the space race in which the United States and the Soviet Union vied for supremacy.

If you have Apple TV + subscription, You’ll be able to watch the show’s second season premiere on Friday, February 19, with an additional new episode added to the service every Friday after that – and we can only say this is a timely addition. To the broadcast device the next day NASA Roving Perseverance Landed on Mars, eh? Either way, fans of the series can check out a preview of the first episode below, and upon completion, Apple also offers some different multimedia experiences to complement the series itself – including the AR experience as well. For all of humanity The official podcast.

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First, about the new episode itself: in the second season premiere with the title ” All the little thingsWe pick up the story in nearly a decade. Space technology and lunar exploration have made great strides, but a solar storm threatens the astronauts at Jamestown.

From Apple’s description of the new season: For all of humanity Season 2 resumed a decade later in 1983. It was the height of the Cold War, and tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union were at their height. Ronald Reagan, the president and the greatest ambition of science and space exploration, is in danger of being lost as the United States and the Soviets clash for control of the resource-rich sites on the Moon.

There is increasing militarization of the US space effort this season as well, with the Department of Defense moving to Mission Control.

  • As mentioned above, include exposure related experiences For All Humans: The Official Podcast It is hosted by Chris Marshall, who plays Commander Daniel Ball in the series. On the podcast, you’ll speak to other cast members of the series, as well as to space experts and former astronauts – as well as play a never-before-seen voice explaining how astronauts and NASA make space travel possible. The 10-episode podcast, which was produced in partnership with At Will Media, will air episode 1 on Friday, alongside the premiere of the show itself. She will then start new episodes of the podcast every Friday after that.
  • The For all of humanity Title augmented reality experience For All Mankind: A Time Capsule It can be downloaded for free from the US App Store for iPhone or iPad. With this interactive app, users will join Danny Stevens, the son of astronauts Gordo and Tracy Stevens on the show, in the contract between the show’s first and second seasons. “Through an interactive augmented reality experience,” Apple says, fans join Danny as he examines detailed memories of the characters’ off-screen life and the world of For all of humanityEach creature tells a story. “

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