Here are the Pokemon Snap and Star Wars Republic Commando games for April 2021

You don’t know what to play on your Nintendo Switch? Each month, Phonandroid’s editorial staff brings you a selection of the best games to be released on the portable console. There you will also find a full list of addresses available in the coming days.

Credit: Nintendo

If Nintendo consoles aren’t as powerful as their competitors, they are taking advantage of themUnique game library That falsified the company’s reputation. Since the 1980s, successful licenses have been tied to absolutely capable Japanese studios Foundational surnames for later generations. Microsoft wasn’t wrong there Trying to buy the company before Xbox launch, As you want to combine development expertise with the power of its hardware.

But it’s not just the Nintendo games coming out on the Switch, the latest addition to the Japanese bands. Many indie studios take advantage of the console’s specific features to offer gameplay mechanics that cannot be found anywhere else. Every month, many more worth seeing titles appear on the Nintendo Store. Since it’s not always easy to navigate, we are providing you with a summary of the games available for the next month.

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New Pokemon Snap

This is the big release for April. Continuation of the first authorship It was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, The game takes the form of its predecessor by showing the depiction of Pokemon living in the wild. In your car, you will have to approach its creatures discreetly to get the best possible view of it. Those who are nostalgic will be delighted to discover the new features that have been implemented, while beginners will fall under the magic of the island with many surprises. A new Pokémon Snap will be available April 30.

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Star Wars Republic Commando

We remain nostalgic with the launch of this game In 2005 on the computerWhich today benefits from a port on the Switch, but also on the PS4. The player embodies the leader of an elite squad of 4 soldiers, each of whom has very distinct characteristics. the address is Between cinematography 2 and 3Where he enters the galaxy in a ruthless war. Republic Commando is undoubtedly one of the games most appreciated by fans of the saga, and the upcoming release of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney + Is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this FPS game from the 2000. Planned release April 15.

Poison Control: Contaminated Edition

In Poison Control, whose artistic direction is similar to that Person 5 Belles Hells explores the land plagued by unknown evil. It is your duty to purify the souls who roam with the help of your loyal companion, Soul Mate. A very fun shooter with a captivating story, which will be released Next April 13.

The full list of Nintendo Switch releases for April 2021

  • Moorhuhn Kart 2: April 1
  • Long way down: April 1
  • Dungeons and Puzzles: April 1
  • Train Station Simulator: April 1
  • Ecclesia: April 1
  • Stick Fight: The Game: April 1
  • Abbie’s farm for kids and toddlers: April 1
  • What’s Next: April 1
  • Good night, Knight: April 2
  • Street Racing: Tokyo Rush: April 2
  • Cyber ​​Taxi: April 2
  • Piles on sheaves (on piles): April 6
  • Breathing: April 6
  • Missing words: Beyond the page: April 6
  • What is the title ?! : April 8
  • Don’t Give Up: A Parody: April 8
  • Cozy Grove: April 8
  • Super Faulst 2: April 8
  • Sakura in Gameland: April 8
  • Al Jazeera: April 8
  • Always sometimes monsters: April 8
  • Legend of the Champions: Cold Steel Paths IV: April 9
  • The house in Fata Morjana: April 9
  • Gravity heroes: April 9
  • Luxlinger: April 9
  • Say no! More : April 9
  • Al Faris Division 2: April 9
  • Reactor X: April 14
  • Brawl cannon: April 14
  • Rain on your parade: April 15
  • Dragon audit: April 15
  • Pocoyo Party: April 15
  • SaGa Frontier Remastered: April 15
  • Godstrike: April 15
  • Country: Pocket Planet Edition: April 15
  • Battle ax: April 16
  • Stealth War – Fought: April 22
  • Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack: April 22
  • Fuse: April 22
  • Boomerang: April 22
  • Taiwan Monster Fruit: April 28
  • The forsaken Paradise: April 29
  • Reknum Cheri Dreamland: April 29
  • flower : April 2021

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