Here are the most bizarre requests to eat in hotel rooms

The popularity of room service cannot be denied, while hotel establishments are recording somewhat unusual food orders, according to a recent study.

A report released Tuesday found that 75% of hotels say demand for room services has remained unchanged despite the popularity of dining apps.

But according to this study, diet water, melted ice cream, and puffer fish topped the most outlandish requests.

While nearly half of travelers prefer to eat in a restaurant rather than in the room on special occasions, Canadians prefer to eat in their room between the hours of 7am and 10am. At the same time, some of the most prestigious hotels will now offer concerts and robotic service at their establishment.

Globally, burgers are the most popular item (40%), but vegetarian and vegan dishes are increasingly popular compared to keto, dairy-free or gluten-free dishes.

More than half of hotels say business travelers tend to dine in the room more frequently than vacationers, while a third of their guests splurge over $100 a la carte.

“In-room dining is a popular service for hotel guests, whether for indulgence or a bite to eat after a long day of sightseeing,” spokeswoman Melanie Fish said in a statement.

Here are the 10 weirdest in-room dining requests

1. Diet water

2. Melted ice cream

3- Blowfish

4- Boiled bottled water

5. Raw fish brought by the customer to be cooked upon request

6. Popcorn with snails (mollusks)

7.Omelet without egg whites

8. A rice bowl for dogs

9- Bison

10. Shakshouka (fried vegetables with eggs) without eggs

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