Here are the 6 most expensive movies Netflix has ever produced

There was a time when Netflix focused on series to find their audience. But once the loyal subscriber base came in handy, the platform started making tons of movies. Here are the 6 most expensive movies Netflix has ever produced.

This friday, We know Netflix is ​​on the verge of making the most expensive movie in its history: Gray Man with Chris Evins, Ryan Gosling and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Parents Avengers: Endgame. Film cost: more than $ 200 million. Thus the Rousseau Brothers intend to create a franchise that can compete with James Bond.

But by the way, what are the most expensive movies Netflix has produced. Here are the top 6.

6. Bright

Bright It was one of the first movies Netflix produced. And for its first experience, the platform had put smaller plates into larger ones by serving Will Smith’s services. This is a fictional detective movie based on goblins, elves, centaurs and fairies who coexist with humans. A somewhat weird gaggle that his audience hasn’t really found since now, it’s not getting It’s 28% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Film Budget: $ 90 million.

5. The tripartite boundaries

Trinomial It’s a big action movie the way we like it with fighting, explosions and cartel breakup. Movie special feature: Not recommended for at least 17 years, which is rare on Netflix. Regardless, the movie is one of the most popular on the platform and was watched by 63 million households within its first four weeks of operation.

Movie budget$ 115 million

4. Six underground

Another action movie with a blast excited at the controls: Micheal Bay (transformers). With Ryan Gosling, this movie follows the adventures of a unit of 6 highly trained men who serve a billionaire. What do they have in common? They all faked their death. Their mission? Get rid of the world’s worst dictators.

Another square to place Netflix assets since then Six underground It was viewed by more than 83 million viewers in the first four weeks after its release.

Movie budget$ 150 million.

3. The Irish

The presence of this film in this arrangement is explained in large part by its brutal cast: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci with Martin Scorsese in direction. This movie was also very expensive because the technology had to be used to rejuvenate the main cast. Film score: 10 Academy Award nominations, and the movie was watched in 64 million homes in the four weeks after its release.

Movie budget: $ 159 million.

2. Red Notice (not issued yet)

Another great production with a huge cast: Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Gosling and Gal Gadot. The release of the movie has been postponed due to the Coronavirus and we still do not know the exact date. But looking at the cast, it’s easy to understand why this movie is so expensive.

Movie budget: Between $ 160 and $ 200 million.

1. The Gray Man (Not released yet)

As we said at the beginning of the article, Gray man It is Netflix’s most ambitious project. To compete with James Bond, that’s the point of this movie with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, better known as Captain America. As for the popularity of the Russo brothers, this movie will undoubtedly spark sparks upon its release

Movie budget: $ 200 million

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