Hecateump: Mold Breaking Entertainment

In 1095, chemin de la Canardière, Hekatomb offers recreational facilities to let off steam without danger.

The Liberation Center has four rooms that can be rented for 45 minutes. In each of them there are about 25 pieces of different sizes. Crockery, bottles, decorative objects, household appliances, printers, monitors, laptops … You can even bring your own, as long as it does not carry a “clear connotation” and you remain respectful.

For a “variety” of things, we have baseball bats, bats, sledgehammers, mallets, and iron bars. Hekatomb also provides all the protective gear to leave your roof unharmed. We are given face shield, chest protector, reinforced gloves, knee pads and shoe covers.

“Energy Evacuation”

It is possible to de-steam alone or with two or three friends in one of the Hekatomb rooms. Each room is 140 square feet (42.6 square meters) and can accommodate up to four people. You can also rent four rooms and come in a group of 16 people.

The center receives young people who are at least 16 years old on their own. Children from 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent. Prices vary depending on the number of wrecks.

On the company’s Facebook page are photos of the demolition sessions. “The goal is to completely safely get rid of the steam and thereby unload the energy that is in each one of us,” we can read on the company’s website.

A family before and after the demolition session in Hekatomb
Image credit: Hekatomb

On-site there are also arcade games and a lounge area. Hekatomb wants it to be a place to have fun with friends, celebrate a birthday, have an “office party”…Improving the presentation of activities for companies was part of the motivations of Benoit Mayer, one of the three co-owners.

“I am a person completely out of the ordinary. I worked for several years in big companies like TELUS. With the social club it was always the same: going to play bowlingGo play pool… is there any way we can change that a bit? Now we have to escape room, The demolition room, Ax shooting… perfect! “

An entertainment entrepreneur for several years, Mr. Mayer knew Olivier Leroux while the latter was working as a manager for one of his companies. He was interested in getting into business as well. As for the third co-owner, Pascal Tremblay, who is also an entrepreneur, he was looking to diversify his investments.

“Demolition chambers have been around since 2008 in Japan. In North America, it happened two to three years ago. […] It was there first in the United States. […] The first thing we saw in Canada was in Toronto. There’s a business in Montreal, but it’s just a lounge. There are different ways to do this. Sometimes it’s just a five-foot-by-five-foot room with crockery…We’re introducing the whole concept,” explains Benoit Meyer.

From Limoilou to Saguenay

Another Hekatomb opened in the Saguenay area, shortly after Limoilou. Mr. Meyer is also behind this branch, but he collaborates with the Saguenéens.

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Announced at Le Soleil on July 16, the opening of Hekatomb near La Souche and Cégep Limoilou finally took place on Friday, August 13. At first it was three rooms. Changing the building along the way led to the company creating four rooms instead.

Hekatomb currently welcomes customers seven days and seven evenings. You can find detailed schedule, prices and other useful information online at https://www.hekatomb.com/.

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