Health system: cracking all over the world

When we talk about the health system, we often have a reflex to go back to the archives to remind ourselves that nothing has changed.

We tell ourselves our health system has been on water for 40 years, with full knowledge of the facts. Yesterday’s problems are today’s problems. The more you change…

These days, the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont is the embodiment of our inhuman and bloodless system. An embodiment also of our collective inability to improve our network even a little, regardless of the political color in power.

But is the middle system in our system unique to Quebec?

No, because everywhere is cracking now. All health systems in western countries are bankrupt.

in another place

Let’s start with France.

Quote your newspaper opening launchon 30 December.

“Hospitals are overflowing, cracking up caregivers and roasting patients […] The system is cracking everywhere. President Macron speaks of “getting out of this day of endless crisis”.

“This day of endless crisis” is exactly what nurses are saying across Quebec.

In Ontario, we had to call in the Red Cross last December to make up for a staff shortage. We are there!

In the UK, the British health system is also in a state of decay. There is talk of a “humanitarian crisis” there. We live the same horror stories: endless waits and breathless nursing staff.

In Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, everywhere, it’s the same phenomenon. All facial systems are unable to deliver on their previous promises.

impossible quest

I don’t say that to excuse us. But to find that one of the pillars of the welfare state – a universal health care system – is collapsing.

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We are facing a demographic balance that no longer exists.

Like you, I appreciate Christian Dube very much. Simply put, I get the impression that we will be left with a fire minister armed with water cannons in front of a fire that has grown out of control.

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