Health missionaries want vaccination as a priority | Corona Virus

The Capital Health Communications Center employs around 55 employees. Their job is to answer 911 calls, help patients, and dispatch ambulance services.

On December 19, it was planned to give priority to emergency medical dispatchers after paramedics [pour la vaccination]Remember Daniel Gerrard, director of the center.

However, due to the difficulty in providing vaccines, distributors were removed from the list of priorities in February because they were not in direct contact with patients.

Our risk is an internal outbreak that could harm the service. The dispatchers are the first link in this chain and that is the allocation of ambulance resources.

Daniel Gerrard, Director of the Capital Health Communications Center

We see the population vaccinated. We believe this essential role of missionaries should be reconsidered.

Scarcity of labor

Management advises that hiring workers is difficult among dispatchers, which increases the risk of service interruptions in the event of an outbreak.

It is an unrecognized professionGerrard appreciates, adding that he cannot count on an infinite number of employees.

We are 55 senders, but we serve 1.5 million peopleMister Gerrard explains, i.e. the region of Quebec, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Nord-de-Quebec.

According to him, some health call centers have been vaccinated, especially in Mauritius.

Set priorities for the future

The Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS) ensures that the priorities for the following groups are announced in the coming weeks.

In an email sent to Radio Canada, the ministry states that, Since the amount of vaccinations available is limited, it is imperative to prioritize the people who receive them according to their exposure to the disease.

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According to the ministry, the criteria for setting priorities are as follows:

  • Age associated with risk of infection, complications, and death,
  • Having one or more diseases increases the risk of complications and death.
  • Occupation that can affect the risk of exposure to the virus and transmission of the virus to vulnerable people,
  • The living environment that can also be linked to the risk of infection and disease outbreaks.

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