Heading to the Moon with Espace Mends-France

Eric Chapelle, an astronomy specialist, came to the multi-purpose room on Wednesday to host the CapverslaLune conference organized as part of an agreement signed between the Desai Municipal Council and Espace Mends-France in Poitiers.

From the start he apologizes: The sky was especially overcast, and I didn’t bring a telescope or refracting telescope. Instead, he offers a quiz to test his audience’s knowledge. Twenty questions about our satellite that we rarely ask ourselves and that will serve as the basis for discussions and information, all in a good mood.
The moon, the fifth largest satellite in the solar system, is the origin of multiple beliefs, myths, calendars, and expressions such as: being on the moon, honeymoon, crazy person, bad escape… It has also inspired painters, musicians, friends… Gravity on the Moon is weaker than on Earth: a man on the Moon sees his weight divided by six … and he especially causes ocean puddles.
Next, Rick Chappelle played on the Luna and Apollo programs, telling us the many tales of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon on July 21, 1969, on the heels of Neil Armstrong (but it might be Buzz Aldrin) on the lunar Earth, as in the American flag making It gives the impression that it is floating…

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