Head Dokubo! Cultural Space Beaumarchais Maromme Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Head Dokubo! Beaumarchais Cultural Space, 7 September 2022, Marom.

Head Dokubo! September 7 and 9, Beaumarchais Cultural Center
3.5 EUR on presentation of the Cultura’Ma card / 5 EUR
Written by Elie Simon, with Elie Simon, Emily Caine, Gabin Tomasino

Beaumarchais Cultural Space 13A, rue de la République, Maromme Maromme 76150 Seine-Maritime Normandy

A new school year begins for Ducobu! At Saint Potache, an extraordinary election will be held to elect the student president. This is the beginning of a somewhat crazy election campaign in which the two main opponents: Dokubo and Leoni will begin. With the help of his friend Kitrish and his many tools, Ducobu cheats like never before and wins the elections. Amusement park in the yard, coming back from naps, eliminating vegetables in the canteen… Enough, Latouche!

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2022-09-07T14:30:00 + 02:00
2022-09-09T22:00:00 + 02:00

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Marom Sen Maritim

Marom Sen Maritim

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