He tried to eat his mother

The Spanish prosecution has demanded a 15-year prison sentence against a man who was tried this week for strangling his mother and eating parts of her body cut to pieces.

Called “Ventas cannibal”, referring to the Madrid area where police discovered the horrific bodies, the suspect – Albert SG – has been on trial since Monday for “murder” and “desecration of a corpse”.

According to the indictment, the facts go back to early 2019 when the suspect quarreled with his 69-year-old mother in the apartment they shared in the Las Ventas neighborhood, where the capital’s bullring is located. Spanish.

After suffocating her, he dragged her body to his room to cut her with a saw and kitchen knives to “hide” her.

«Une fois le corps découpé en morceaux, l’accusé s’est nourri occasionnellement des restes du cadavre durant 15 jours et a stocké d’autres morceaux dans plusieurs récipients en plastique dans l’appartement et dans le réfrigérateur», poursuit », poursuit This file.

He also put other pieces in the trash bags and threw them away.

According to local media, a police officer, who heard him during the trial, said that when he entered the apartment, the defendant said that he ate some raw pieces, cooked others, and gave some to the dog.

Local media reported that the man, who the police said was suffering from drug problems, was arrested in February 2019 while the police were searching for his mother, whom a friend reported missing.

When the police asked him if his mother was inside the apartment, he answered in the affirmative and allowed the officers to enter.

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“We came across a disturbing scene,” said a police officer, who requested anonymity on Telecinco.

Prosecutors also demanded that the “Ventas cannibal” pay 90,000 euros (about $ 135,000) in compensation to his older brother.

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