He shares his experience on Zoom while performing a patient’s surgery

It’s hard to escape Zoom meetings and other video conferences since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote consultations, sports lessons, online concerts, an aperitif … the video is available everywhere and sometimes comes with some inconvenience. A loved one shows up in the field, bad communication, candidate being blocked … there are many disappointments.

For Dr. Scott Green, that was just an unexpected event. Instead of delaying one of these two events, this West Coast surgeon from the United States simply decided to stand trial while undergoing plastic surgery … The person was scheduled to appear on Thursday, February 25 for traffic offenses. California Newspaper The Sacramento Bee He recounts that Scott Green appeared at the session in a blue hooded and gloved blouse and was sworn in from his operating room.

Scott Green attempted a traffic offense, and came to the videoconference session from his operating room.

It didn’t seem like a problem to the doctor, so calm. “I’m in the operating room, but I’m ready for the trial.” He said calmly. The judge in charge of his case was not overly enthusiastic about holding the hearing: “I’m not very comfortable with the patient’s health if I’m in full swing. Even as I try to conduct your trial. “

Scott Green defended this, saying, “I have another surgeon with me running the operation next to me, so I can stand in front of you and at the same time let the team work.” The Sacramento County Superior Court judge was not convinced and preferred to postpone the hearing to a later date. “We’ll find another appointment, one when you won’t actively participate in or care for a patient.”

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Punishments in another court?

If Judge Gary Link was tolerant and understanding, accepting that a surgeon’s operation might be unexpected at the last minute, the situation did not satisfy the California physicians’ ranking. Peers of the surgeons noted the need to “respect standards of treatment and care when treating their patients.” And they announced the next day that they would assess the accident.

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