He saved you. A place opened at the foot of the governor’s house

President of Pays d’Art et d’Histoire, also mayor of Villefranche, in this case Jean-Sébastien Orcibal who begins his intervention in the langue d’oc before speaking of the legends of the Rouergue giants, Didier Trent, designer and public order “La Langue de Najac et le Siege de l’étérnité à come” which paraphrases the captain of the Toulouse stadium by highlighting the necessary solidarity a few hours before the kick-off of the final match of the 14 Rugby Championship won at the end of the suspense of the “red and black”, a certain surrounding ecumenism in the interventions Despite some local shouts (no prenos) during the installation of the giant bronze tongue…

In short, like any inauguration, this Saturday in the hot June sun the officials (including several PAH mayors) surrounded Charles Justy, Governor of Aveyron as well as Provincial Councilor Brigitte Mazars, OAC President Michel Delpeche and the citizens had nothing but eyes On this space, a converted wasteland at the foot of the majestic governor’s house. Mayor Gilbert Blanc praised “the wise decision to furnish this space with different and atypical works…”

The fit-out cost was just over €236,000, including €210,000 for the general system alone. 68% of the subsidies (i.e. €158,000) from the Ouest Aveyron Communauté, the Department, the European Leader Programme, the Region and the State (via the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs) will consume the remainder payable by the Najacois located at €77,895. “These are essential aids, without which this project would not have been possible,” insisted Gilbert Blanc, before paying homage to Didier Trent’s work. “He created by following his inner temperament, despite occasional misunderstandings,” defended the first judge. There may have been misunderstandings mitigated by the multiple procedures of mediation and interpretation, such as that which the Governor’s Council had launched on the day before, June 16, by which the Creator was able to explain again and again the meaning of his word. steps.

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