He imagines what these 10 Pokemon would look like if they were as powerful as gods, a legendary result

For more than 25 years, Pokémon has fascinated young and old alike. After releases carmine And purple An interesting 2022, the franchise should make 2023 a pivotal year, especially with the end of its popular anime, and the start of its reboot. Get out of Sasha and Pikachu, and make way for Roy and Leko. After two decades of existence, the license has inspired many artists around the world. We are glad to share with you the work of some of them. We turn to Jhay Alejo, better known as Luxjhay on the web, who recently shared his latest series: Pokémon is empowered by Legendary and Legendary Pokémon. Pikachu, Mew, Desséliande, Celebi or Steelix and Giratina, powerful Pokemon like gods to find below. And if you want to discover more of the artist’s creations, head over to his Instagram page. Exactly here.

#1 Desséliande (Celebi’s Avatar)


#2 Steelix (Giratina Avatar)


#3 Caterpillar (Ziggard’s Avatar)


#4 togekiss (xerneas avatar)


#5 McCogner (Guardian Avatar)


#6 Gardevoir (Zacian’s Avatar)


#7 Divorced (Photo Treasure)


#8 Mamanbo (Avatar Belkia)


#9 Pikachu (Mew Avatar)


#10 Volcaropod (Rishiram’s Avatar)


If you want to extend your reading, feel free to discover these 13 Pokemon fusions that will have their place in it. Pokemon carmine And purple.

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