He faces six months in prison for 1,000 messages he sent to his ex – La Nouvelle Tribune.

A love story gone wrong UK. This is Michael Felton and Ryan Harley Both had a romantic relationship. One morning following a misunderstanding, they had an argument. It caused their separation. But unable to accept the end of their relationship, the young woman decided to send hundreds of messages to her boyfriend to start seeing each other again. But the boyfriend no longer wanted her and appealed to the courts to end it all, she says. Michelle Felton faces up to 6 months in prison awaiting trial for her coercive behavior.

According to the facts reported by the Nigerian press, the situation between the two will get complicated as the woman has repeatedly called her ex on the phone. In addition to the constant calls, he sent her 150 phone messages over 11 consecutive days after they ended their relationship. The man can’t stand the messages the woman repeats. He will then return to the judicial authorities, later accusing him of controlling her throughout their 21-month relationship. It continued and got worse after they broke up. In fact, the content of most of the messages the girl sent was that she was in love with him and when they were going out together.

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As a reminder, Michael Felton’s lawyer, Peter Barnett When they argued, the man would explain that he hit the woman with a sock wrapped around a rope. His client kicked him in the groin. The man responded by twisting her right arm until it swelled. It caused their separation. The man’s lawyer Lynn Sayers For his part, he would clarify that after parting ways, his client Ryan Harley had asked the accused that he needed a few weeks. This was because of the many messages she sent him. But his ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to understand anything. According to him, this situation caused severe suffering to the victim.

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